How Does Partnering with Give Me Five Ministries Benefit You?
    Your passion for ministry will be restored.
    You will develop the character, competence, and
    connections necessary for success in the 21st century.

    You will stay long enough in your current assignment to
    reach the productive years of ministry.

    You will become part of a pastors network where peer
    relationships will be nurtured and developed.

    You will experience eight life changing one day
    personal growth and development worship and training

    You will be coached by Give Me Five Ministries staff and 
    peers  over an eight month period of time.

     You will be given the training and materials necessary 
     to join other pastors in an ongoing small group
     experience of growth, development, and support.

     You will never do ministry alone again.
    Give Me
 Ministries Inc.
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Have You Lost Your Passion For Ministry?
     1,500 pastors leave the ministry each month.

     The average pastor changes churches every 3.6            years. 70% of pastors in America indicate they             have no friends.

     Research says lack of support and loneliness               contribute to the departure of the American pastor.
     Pastoring alone is not an option, if you want to stay      in the ministry for the long haul.

     But who will make the journey with you?

     Partner with Give Me Five Ministries, Inc. – We are       here to help you succeed in ministry for a lifetime.
Accessible  -   “We come where you are”

Affordable  -     “We customize our services to match your
                              needs and budget”

Applicable  -     “We guarantee that what we teach will
                              have practical application for your 
                              life and ministry.
Our AAA Guarantee:
Helping Pastors Succeed For A Lifetime
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